Low Moisture


We make carpets dry fast!

King’s Cleaning offers a variety of carpet and floor cleaning
methods. One popular alternative to the traditional hot water extraction
process is low moisture cleaning (also known as dry cleaning). Due to
recent industry advancements, dry carpet cleaning can yield excellent
results and in many situations offers several advantages over typical
water extraction processes.

The Benefits

Dry times with low moisture average 60 – 90 minutes.

This is a big advantage for commercial facilities that deal with heavy
traffic from employees and/or customers. Obviously by using less moisture
carpets will dry much faster. Downtime is kept to a minimum and can even
remain “business as usual” while your floors are cleaned.

Residential clients with busy households enjoy fresh, dry carpet with
little interruption. The products we use are also green friendly and safe.
This benefits not just the environment, but your family and pets as well.

Ultimately, the biggest advantage of low moisture cleaning (shared by both
residential and commercial clients alike) is the ability to remove spots
and stains for good. For example, commercial carpets that have been
inundated with beverage spills are susceptible to spots returning when
using typical water extraction processes. By using less water and
increased agitation, deep spots and stains are treated, scrubbed and
lifted. Quick dry times make it extremely difficult, if not impossible,
for the stains to resurface.

Many homes with older carpet face similar dilemmas. This is amplified if
the carpets were not regularly cleaned or if spills were left unchecked.
In some homes we may even opt for a multi treatment method utilizing both
low moisture and hot water extraction.

What’s best for your home or business?

We have a vast array of equipment. Because of this we’re able offer the
solution best suited for your needs. In some cases it might be a deep
flushing, low moisture cleaning or the use of dry compounds. It may
require a process incorporating all three. We provide free on site and
in-home assessments. We’ll recommended a process and explain step-by-step
how we will leave your carpets clean and fresh.

We look forward to hearing from you!