Stone Floor Cleaning Las Vegas NV

Stone Floor Cleaning Las Vegas NV 702-478-9823When your home or office has stone flooring, it can really add an appeal that no other type of flooring can compare too. When the stone is shining and bright, it literally will transform the look of the room instantly. Too often however people allow the dirt and grime to build up on the stone to the point them become weathered and dirty looking. Our team at King’s Cleaning can help you to restore the original shine in all your stone flooring quickly and efficiently.

Whether your home or business has travertine, marble, slate, limestone, or saltillo flooring, the cleaning professionals at King’s Cleaning can quickly get the job done for you. We have experience cleaning all those types of stone surfaces and more. In addition to making sure the stone is brought back to its original shine, we have he tools to scrub the grout and turn it from dirty and grimy to sparkling and shiny.

Too many people use bleach when trying to clean the gout in stone floors. Bleach will damage the grout by causing the pores in the concrete to become larger from breaking down from that harsh chemical. The pores then allow more bacteria and debris to become trapped, making them appear even more dirty faster.

Our cleaning experts here at King’s Cleaning use only the proper cleaning solutions on your stone flooring to care for and treat the entire area properly. When the floor is cleaned the right way, it will help to extend the overall live of the stones appearance.